Health Coach Denise here with a Challenge for you!

This is called the 29 day Gratitude Challenge
Every night before you go to bed, give thanks for one thing you never thought of being thankful for before!
If you take this challenge, you will have to be mindful during your day. You have to be on the lookout for things that suddenly touch you.
For that amazing views in nature, for that smile from a complete stranger, you can be thankful for the rain that calmed down the pollen which calmed down your allergies, for the great ice cream you ate today or just about anything!
Whatever it may be, if you take this challenge post in the comments the number of the day you are on and the one thing you are grateful for that day! Do this everyday for 29 days and see how you feel.

You will become mindful all day long to look for those things. AND Being mindful has many benefits!
Here’s the research:
it will increase your alertness, your enthusiasm, your determination, your attentiveness and your energy
it increases your tendency to help other people
it increases your sense of connection to others
it helps you sleep better
it reduces your stress and it creates more optimism which in turn helps your immune function
You will see how amazing you will feel by just being grateful for one new thing each day. Looking forward to hearing what you are all thankful for.
Share this challenge out to your friend list too. Let’s see how many we can get to take this on.
Health coach Denise signing off – Remember to Love Yourselves Today!